You are more likely to be involved in an Oklahoma auto accident now, more than ever before, primarily due to the increased number of vehicles on the road. When you add the fact that we are a nation always in a hurry, and we are well-known to engage in distracted driving behaviors, you can see your chances of being involved in an auto accident are not exactly small.

There are as many as five million car accidents each year—although not all of those are serious, with many being minor parking lot bump-ins.  Even so, as many as thirty-seven thousand people die in auto accidents every year, with another 2.35 million sustaining moderate to severe injuries. One or more of the issues you find yourself dealing with following an auto accident may turn out to be vitally important—both to your health and to your future recovery of expenses and damages.

Whenever possible, having a concise account of the accident, including all details you can remember, can truly make the difference in the final outcome of your accident. Photos can be particularly compelling, so if you are physically able to do so, take photos of the scene of the accident, the damages to vehicles, and anything else that could be helpful down the road.

Midwest City Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles offer virtually no protection in the event of a collision with an automobile, making bikers especially vulnerable to severe injuries and fatalities. Per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists are a staggering 35 times more likely to die in a traffic crash than those in a passenger vehicle.  A motorcycle rider has absolutely no protection between his or her body and the road or the 3,000 pounds of metal and glass in the form of an automobile.

One of the primary reasons automobiles collide with motorcycles is the inability to see the motorcycle rider. Motorcycles are much smaller visual targets, therefore much easier to miss.  Those involved in a motorcycle-auto accident are likely to suffer serious injury or death, resulting in huge medical bills, and an inability to return to work. Motorcycle accidents have specific issues which require a highly skilled Oklahoma City motorcycle lawyer to fight for your rights.

Oklahoma County Trucking Accidents

In 2014, in the state of Oklahoma alone, there were 904 semi-truck-involved accidents which resulted in fatalities, and, in fact, an accident involving a semi-truck and a smaller passenger vehicle or motorcycle is much more likely to have tragic consequences. The vehicle’s size, relative to the 80,000-pound truck, affords the occupants little to no protection. In accidents where the trucker is at fault, the cause is often attributed to driver fatigue or distracted driving.

Oklahoma County truck drivers—as well as truck drivers across the nation—routinely drive ten hours at a stretch, and also have strict deadlines they must meet every single day. In order to meet those deadlines, truckers may be guilty of exceeding posted speed limits creating a dangerous environment for smaller vehicles on the road. (It can take a fast-moving semi-truck the length of a football field to come to a stop)

While there are unique laws and regulations designed to protect motorists from the negligence of truck drivers, fault must be proven. Like motorcycle accident victims, victims of semi-truck accident can have catastrophic injuries which alter their lives forever. Truck accidents are also unique in that there may be several defendants, including the driver, the trucking company, the loading company, the truck maintenance company, and even the truck manufacturer or parts manufacturer.

Injuries Sustained from Your Car, Motorcycle or Trucking Accident

Many times, people receive injuries from their collision, however because of the adrenaline rush they experience, they are not fully aware of the extent of those injuries. Hours, days or even weeks later, the victim of a Midwest City car, motorcycle or truck accident may become aware of a specific injury which was caused during the accident.

When there are no obvious injuries, blood or broken bones, some people feel embarrassed to be transported to the hospital in an ambulance, so just insist they are “fine.” Neck and back injuries in particular often manifest after an auto, truck or motorcycle accident, including whiplash, which, despite the stigma surrounding it, is very real and very painful. Those involved in a truck or motorcycle accident could suffer traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic amputations, and other severe injuries.

Contact a Forbes & Renes Midwest City Attorney

If you have been involved in an auto, truck or motorcycle accident in Oklahoma, particularly in Midwest City, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, or the Oklahoma City metro area, it is crucial that you speak to highly experienced car accident attorneys as quickly as possible. You need a knowledgeable personal injury attorney from Forbes & Renes, who will protect your interests and deal with the insurance company while you are allowed to heal from your accident. Insurance companies are rarely on your side and may attempt to convince you to sign off on a small settlement soon after your accident.

Later, you could find that settlement is nowhere near enough to cover your injuries and your time away from work. The experience and legal knowledge of the Forbes & Renes team enables them to keep their clients well-informed, working with clients to find the very best legal solution available. The Forbes & Reness attorneys are able to simplify complex legal matters, communicating with their clients in easy-to-understand language. At Forbes & Renes, we have helped thousands of clients who have suffered a car, truck or motorcycle accident—we are compassionate, while providing exemplary service to our clients.  Call Forbes & Renes today to discuss your case.

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